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Phone Configuration
Phone Configuration
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Once you've selected a phone number, this will now be your GoCRM Phone Number and the phone tab will now show your phone configuration options. Any phone call done inbound or outbound to this number will automatically get logged and recorded within GoCRM.

Route Incoming Calls

Next we will want to setup our call routing. There's 4 options available, the following is what happens when any of these options is selected.

Calls will ring on the GoCRM Desktop browser app, the android app, or the iOS app. Please be aware these phone calls are dependent on an internet connection. When internet connection is not available, the system will route calls to your personal phone number as a backup.

When this option is selected you also have the option to forward calls after a select number of seconds if the call is not answered. This is great for scenarios, where you may be in a meeting and can not pick up, be able to forward the call to a colleague or the office.

Personal Number

Calls will be routed to your personal number which you can set on your user profile. These call will use the phones carrier network, and are not dependent on internet connection.

Customer Number

Call will be routed to any phone number you select. These call will use the phones carrier network, and are not dependent on internet connection.

Another User

Calls will forward to another users GoCRM phone number.


Call will be forward to GoCRMs voicemail. You may view your voicemails on the voicemail tab.

Additional Settings

Call Whisper

When a call is forward to an external phone number, such as a custom phone number or a personal phone, the receiver of the call will hear a message "Call from GoCRM" letting them know that the call was forwarded from GoCRM.

Record Calls

Team admins have the option to enable and disable call recording.

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