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Filtered Segments
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A filtered segment is a list automatically generated based on a set of filters. For example, if you create filtered segments of all contacts with contact status customers, as you add new contacts that meet that criteria the list will update on its own. By default, all segments are filtered.

Creating a Filtered Segment

To filter persons or companies using basic filters, just define the conditions under each field. You can set one condition or multiple conditions and GoCRM will automatically show all persons or companies meeting that criteria.

Select the + Add Filter button to add a new filter.

Once you've selected your filter, click on Apply Filter. The contact list will automatically update with the filter applied to it. You can repeat the process until you've added all the fields you need. If you click on the filter itself, you can change the default condition from And to Or. You can also drag the filters with your cursor and change the order.

Once you've selected the set of filters you would like, you can select Save and give your segment a name.

You will now see this segment on your sidebar of the page you created it on.

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