Static Segment
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A static segment is a list generated manually by a user. For example, if you have a list of hot leads, you can manually select them and add them to a list or remove them from a list.

Creating a Static Segment

To create a static segment, visit a list view, whether lead, people, or companies. Select a few contacts you'd like to add to your static segment, then in the bulk options menu select Add to Segment.


You will then be prompted to select an existing Static Segment or create a new one. Select create new. You will then be prompted to enter a name, and it will now be an option you can select.

Converting a Segment

If you do not want to add contacts one by one, you can also take a filtered segment and convert it into a static segment. Simply click on Convert to Static on the segment Options menu.


Removing Contacts

To remove contacts from a static segment, go to the segment list view, then select the contacts you'd like to remove, and using the bulk options menu click on Remove from Segment.


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