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Keep track of your to-do list with the tasks tool in GoCRM. You can complete each task from the associated record, the task page, or the task widget on the dashboard.

Creating Tasks

In GoCRM, you can add tasks to Persons, Contacts & Deals. You can create multiple tasks for every record to stay on top of the actions you have to take, such as following up with clients. Creating a task is very simple.

Open Tasks page in your GoCRM account. Then select Add New.

Next, enter the description for the task. You can optionally setup an alert as a reminder of the task Due date, and you can use Notify assignee in order to send a notification to the person who is assigned to the task immediately in order to let them know a task has been created. Please be sure to make sure your notifications are enabled.

Completing Tasks

When you have completed the task, simply click the checkbox in the left of the task name.

That will mark the task as done and it will be displayed on the contact's activity feed. The completed task will be removed from your tasks list once you refresh the page.

You can also create a task or mark a task as complete from the dashboard or on the contact page.

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