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We text message & email in our day to day communication, it may happen that we end up typing the same email over and over again to our contacts. GoCRM has simplified this task for you. It comes with a feature of creating SMS, Email & Newsletter Templates. i.e. type a message once with desired GoCRM fields and fixed body text. You can share these messages with every team member to have a unified method of communication.

Creating a Template

To create templates go to Settings > Templates in the top bar select the tab for the type of template you'd like to create.

After selecting the Type, click on + Add Template.

Add the Message in the Template field. You can add any number of Merge Fields within the content. These fields will auto-populate with the contacts name, senders phone, address, etc.


You can create templates responses for SMS messages, that include both Merge fields and attachments.


You can create templates responses for Email messages, that include both Merge fields and attachments.

Marketing Newsletter

Newsletter templates are designed specifically for Outreach email blasts, that can be used to communicate promotions and announcements. Select Create Marketing Template.

After saving you'll have the opportunity to launch our designer.

Sharing Templates

You can share your SMS & Email templates with your team, by clicking on the button to share template with your team.

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