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Custom fields in GoCRM play a huge role in allowing you to capture any information that you need about your contacts that is not on the default form.

Custom Fields can also be used as filtering options, but their real use comes when you need to store information that isn’t provided by GoCRM’s default set of fields.

For example, you can add an industry field or a birth date to a Contact using Custom Fields. These are things that you might not necessarily want to filter by but are still great to have on a contact card for reference.

Adding Custom Fields

Custom Fields are created for both your person or company contacts. Custom fields are managed from Settings > Custom Fields menu option.

Enter the custom Field Name, select the Type, and then select + Add Field button to add a new Custom Field.

Types of Custom Fields

A custom field is any additional information that you’d like to track about your clients. It can be text, a number, or even a True/False. For example, you may need to track your clients’ CustomerID or the product of interest. You may need to keep track of their birthday. Or you might even need to track their industry or whether or not they have bought from you before.

GoCRM has a variety of Custom Field types for storing your data:

Single Line Text

The single-line text field type allows you to enter a single line of text into the Custom Field.

Paragraph Text

The paragraph text field type allows you to enter paragraphs of text.


The number field type allows you to enter numeric values. Note that it only accepts integer values and decimals are cut off.


The checkbox field allows you to have a 'true' or 'false' checkbox.

The drop-down field type allows you to designate choices for a user to select from for this Custom Field. You'll then be able to select a single choice from this field to apply to a record.

The date field type will allow you to select a certain date to input in the Custom Field.

Date & Time
The date field type will allow you to select a certain date and time to input in the Custom Field.

Contact Status

You can also customize the lifecycle stage of each of your contacts.

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