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Microsoft Exchange Email Integration
Microsoft Exchange Email Integration
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If you're using Microsoft Exchange for your email, please follow these steps:

Email Syncing is managed from Profile > Email (open the Profile menu from the user drop-down menu on the upper right, then select Email).


Click on the Connect Email account button underneath the integrations section.

After you will be asked to select your platform of choice. Select Microsoft Exchange.

Email & Password

Usually, users will be able to log in via Exchange using their email address and password.


In most cases, the username will be the same as the email. If the account's Exchange username is different than the email address, enter it in the advanced settings form. A username can be of the format [email protected] or DOMAIN\username, and is usually the same as your Windows login.


For the Exchange Server, enter the address of your Exchange server, like This is usually visible in the address bar when logging in to the Outlook Web App.

πŸ“˜ Talk to your friendly Exchange admin

You might need to reach out to your Exchange or IT admin for the correct connections settings. They should be able to provide the proper connection info for this step.

Email Signature

Now you are ready to setup your email signature.


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