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Automation Examples
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In GoCRM automations can be built it out in a visual canvas by connecting shapes, these shapes create different personalized pathways, that contact would progress to when interacting with your business. It allows for the easy and efficient delivery of information to your contacts.

If you are ready to create your first automation, check out the examples below and visit our template library, if not then be sure to review our introductory article.



Don't know where to start? Try implementing some of these popular examples:

New Lead Auto Reply

Having a salesperson on the watch for 24/7 to immediately reach out to leads is very pricy and hard to achieve, that’s why setting a lead auto-reply is very essential for immediate actions and for build connections with your customers.

Lead Re-engagement

Cold leads, or basically people who were interested and then stopped answering follow-ups or those who said “I will think about” and never got back to you should not be forgotten about. While your sales team might be busy with your hot leads and busy with trying to get people who signed up for a trial or a demo call into paying customers, the marketing automation software can take care of cold leads re-engagement for you.


The possibilities with automation are endless, take a look at our template library to get more ideas on your workflow.

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