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You can easily sync your current email accounts with GoCRM. Supported email services include Google Mail (Gmail), & G Suite. Microsoft Office 365, and IMAP integrations are coming soon.

Syncing Your Email

Email Syncing is managed from Profile > Email (open the Profile menu from the user drop-down menu on the upper right, then select Email).

Click on the Connect Email account button underneath the integrations section.

After you will be asked to select your platform of choice.

If you are using G Suite or Office 365 as an option make sure to view this guide.

Next, enter your details and select connect. If this has been done properly you should now see your email, with the status Sync Working.

After syncing, emails exchanged with your contacts in your email account will be pulled into GoCRM and associated with contacts based on their email addresses.

Email Signature

Now you are ready to setup your email signature.

Disconnect Email

You may remove this integration in the future by selecting the disconnect button.

Common Authentication Issues

These are some of the most common errors you may encounter.

Invalid Credentials

Sometimes a user will receive an invalid password error even if they type the correct password in. If they are sure the password is correct, there are a few other things that could cause them to receive an Invalid Credentials error:

  • If they have two-factor authentication enabled for their email account, they will often need to generate an app-specific password If the two-factor authentication service in use doesn't support app passwords, please reach out to [email protected] for suggestions.

  • Autodiscovery could be trying to login to the wrong server. Ask the email administrator what server and port information should be used to connect. Then, try logging in again by adding these settings under advanced settings.

  • Make sure they aren’t logging in with an email alias. They must log in to the actual account.

  • Make sure mobile device provisioning is enabled and that ActiveSync connections are allowed: see Suggested Office 365 Settings.

Temporary Mail Server Error

This indicates that a temporary error occurred on the mail server when we tried to authenticate the user's account. In most cases, retrying the request should resolve the issue.

Exchange Autodiscovery Failed

GoCRM was unable to automatically determine the correct connection settings using Autodiscovery. The user should reach out to their mail administrator and ask for the correct connection settings they can use to manually connect.

Connection Error

GoCRM was unable to connect using the server settings that were provided. The user should reach out to their mail administrator and ask for the correct connection settings they can use to manually connect.

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