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A Lead is a contact that hasn't yet been qualified for your sales pipeline. Typically, these are contacts come from external marketing sources including your website, social media, or sales collateral. These contacts need to be reviewed by a sales manager, prior to entering your sales pipeline and then assigned to the salesperson who will be conducting the follow-up.

Adding Leads

Leads are added from external sources including marketing tracking numbers and website form submissions, in order to add a lead, setup the following method.


Import CSV

Assigning Leads

In order to assign leads for your sales agents. Simply click on the more menu define by the ellipsis and then select Assign.

Assign Multiple

Select the contacts on through the checkbox next to them, and then utilizing the bulk menu, select Assign.

Assign Randomly

When assigning leads, you have 2 options to select a user you'd like to transfer the lead to or to select a user randomly.

When selecting to assign randomly the system will only select the user that has the Round Robin option turned on via their user profile.

Round Robin is managed from Settings > Users, then select the user you'd like to add select the Include in Round Robin checkbox.

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