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Segments are an easy way to search, sort, group, and analyze Leads, Persons, and Companies in GoCRM. You can use Basic Filters such as field values (eg. view all contacts with no inbound phone calls for a certain amount of time) and set up custom filters based on specific sets of criteria.

Segment Types

Filtered Segments

A filtered segment is a list automatically generated based on a set of filters. For example, if you create a filtered segment of all contacts with contact status customers, as you add new contacts that meet that criteria the list will update on its own. By default, all segments are filtered.

Static Segments

A static segment is a list generated manually by a user. For example, if you have a list of hot leads, you can manually select them and add them to a list or remove them from a list.

Segment Options

When selecting an individual segment you will see an options menu next to the segment title.


Cloning a segment will allow you to duplicate the set of filters into a new segment.


Rename will allow you to change the segment's name.

Share with Team

Share with the team, will allow you to share your segment will all users, in the system. Certain permissions may be required.

Convert to Static

Converting a segment to static, will turn your filtered segment it into a setlist. The list will no longer update automatically. You will have to add or delete any future contacts into the static segment.

Remove from Favorites

Removing from favorite will remove your segment from your sidebar.

Make Default

When making a segment default, it will be your primary contact list view any time you load the page.


This will permanently remove the segment.

Please be aware this can affect your marketing campaigns if the segment being deleted is associated with automation or outreach.

Managing Segments

Based on the list of your viewing you will only see your Favorite segments on the sidebar. In order to get a full view of all your segments available across the list, select the filter icon.


Private segments are all the segments, created by you


Shared segments are lists shared throughout your team.


Favorite segments will show up on your sidebar by default, in order to create a favorite segment, simply select the Segment Options and select Add to Favorite.

Example Segments

In this video, we'll go over the most common segments to have as part of your workflow. Learn more about Segments in our blog post.

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