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GoCRM's outreach allows you to send bulk email marketing campaigns to your contacts.

Outreach is managed from Marketing > Outreach. Emails are sent from an approved third party bulk email provider.

Creating an Outreach

In order to create an Outreach campaign select + Add Outreach

You will be prompted to enter the following:


The name is a way to refer to your campaign


The segment is the list of people you will be sending the email to. You can create segments by following this article.


The template is the selected email design. You can only select from existing Newsletter templates.


The subject will be the email subject that your recipient will see in their inbox. Make sure to write something eye-catching!


The schedule is when you will be sending out your email blast. You can select a date and time or leave it blank in order to save your campaign as a draft.

We recommend you leave Schedule blank in order to save your campaign as a draft and preview it prior to sending it out.

Preview Outreach

Within the Actions menu on the main Outreach list, you can select Send Preview, you will be prompted to enter the email address you'd like to send the preview of your campaign to.

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