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Pipeline Settings
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Deal Stages

Every Deal has its own set of stages that a deal moves through on the flow. By default, we include the following Deal Stages: Incoming, Won, and Lost. You can create or modify the stages to fit your Sales Pipeline. To customize the deal stages, open the Settings > Deals Pipeline page in your GoCRM account.

Editing & Creating Deal Stages

You can rename pre-existing stages to match your workflow, and you can add new stages under Intermediate Stages by clicking on Add New. You can also delete deal stages by clicking on the red trash icon.

Win Probability

Win Probability is a percentage field on each deal stage that signifies how likely that deal is to be won. This allows you and you to better forecast how much revenue you can expect from your current pipeline. As the deal advances through the pipeline the likelihood typically increases of a closing.

Deal Rot

As a deal ages the likelihood of conversion of the deal drops. Deal rotting identifies deals that have been on the board for too long in order to highlight them and quickly identify them to your sales team to give them a priority. Based on your business workflow you will want to set the number of days a deal has been active at a stage for the card to start "Rotting" which practically means for it to turn Orange.

Once you've reached the set number of days under settings. When you view your Pipeline, the deals that have met the criteria will look like this.

Managing Deals

To create and manage deals please review our deals article in the link below.


Multiple Pipelines

To create and manage multiple pipelines please review our multiple pipelines article in the link below.

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